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** so confused **

What may be the best thing for you to do
Sometimes it the hardest thing for you to do
And thats real
Cause I know that I love you
I know how I feel about you
But I also know that don't make everything alright
And for that reason
I gotta say goodbye

Tell me have you ever been in a
Situation where the best thing you could do
Is the hardest thing you've ever done
But you try to do whats right
And I know that deep down inside
That I really wanna be there by your side

i wish i could just sleep forever
I hate wut im going threw..i love my mom so much i hate to see him hurt her the way he is
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ur icon is so funny. then i saw that ur nauseated. awwww i love u. dont feel sick. lalalalalalala! im at my aunts house and when i clicked on u they started laughing because they say it throwing up. im like wow little kids are awesome. indeed we should hang out. so sorry this is so long. much love to u amelia! mwah mwah!

remember: how do u spell ur name! haha.

love always ur lopez.
i love u...

ur spending the night at my house tonight.....CHA CHA nite! xoxo