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well love just leads you threw stuff you normally wouldnt belive/do for anyone

Hmm i have been at sarahs all family is in chicago...and yeah im adopted her for the weekend...Yesterday we had our comp. JV got 2nd and Varsity got 1st it was sweeet i suppose!! After the comp Josh came back to sarahs with us..we all layed aroud and slept all day it was cute..then i got sad..cuz we all started talking and i was all mad about Nhoj and Josh made me feel better about that sititaion...cuz hes an awsum boy like that...i know what i need to dude..i just wish i had the strength! Hmif..i dunno im going lips r chapped! OH and another sweet thing i got into sum pointless fight with Brad but w.e hes queer!
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