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Everytime i try to make u smile...u always feel sorry for urself!

Woah..ive been thinking sooo much lately...which is not nessciarly a bad thing..this entry will most likely contain some bitching and what if u have a problem with that.. DONT READ IT thanks, anywaz...ive been thinking about umm lets just call him the surfer and this is pointless..he only keeps me there when its good for HIM ugggh! I just want everything to be ok..i want to be in 8th grade again..when everything was so innocent..and we didnt really know what its like to feel pain,regret,love,happiness! Ughh those were the days...when the only thing that mattered more than the dances every 3 months were who ur best friends we could all give a shit..i swear to god highschool is the "survial of the fittest" no feels like there no1 ever really there backing u 100% and it feels like the ppl i used to know...just r falling away..and the ppl i never thought would be there..are...and thats so awsum! I dunno im just very BLAH right sick of too many things..i miss too many ppl...but i dont ever want to go just trying to be content in life...and if *you* are apart of that then u R...but if not thats goes on!
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