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Im drowning slowly.....

Last night was Something Corporate the concert I have been waiting for my whole life. It was amazing! Umm hmpif….well yeah lots of good stoires..but I wont share cuz im lazy like that! Anywaz…today was a shitty day…I was a bad mood and yeah it was shitty I think I cried like 4 times today…maybe it was just cuz I was tired or the fact that every in our school bothers me…or ppl are assholes to me…I dunno all I know is I had a pitty party for myself indeed to day..but it felt good…I like the days when I am so self absored!! The weirdest part was the one person who makes me feel like shit….has been one of the reason’s I have stayed level headed this week….werid! Well hopefully sat. I can go snowboarding…my mom said YES…I just wonder how long it will be till that is changed! Well I think im gonna go watch serendipity!
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